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Safety and Sanitation

COVID-19 is a continuing threat as we reenter the workplace. As you may know, safety and sanitation are the foundation of make-up artistry. I want you to know I do not take this lightly and would like to share my credentials below:

  1. Extensive sanitation training from the University of Tulsa & Joe Blasco Make-Up & Effects school

  2. Yearly Blood Born Pathogens training (score 100%)

  3. Effective handwashing webinars

  4. Safe Sets Covid-19 Certification (score 100%)

  5. Yearly Hazard Communication (score 100%)

  6. Contract Services Covid-19 Prevention for Motion Picture Production Certificate (score 97%)

I am eager to continue my education and am constantly looking for tools for my trade. Please know our health and wellbeing is my top priority. See you on set!

Keeping Us Safe

Below are just a few of my very strict policies to keep YOU and I safe and sound. 

1. Whenever possible, hands will be washed before and after each application.

2. Hand sanitizer and 99% alcohol will be used regularly during makeup application and touchups.

3. Brushes are sanitized and cleaned with 99% alcohol and brush cleaner.

4. Make-up products are scrapped onto disposable pallet. 

5. Work area will be sanitized between each client. 

6. Pencils will be sharpened and sanitized between each use. 

7. Eyeshadows and pressed powders are sanitized between each use. 

8. Disposables will be used whenever possible. 

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